Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar Recap

Like every other blogger out there I'm jumping on the Oscar bandwagon and showcasing my favorites. Did you all actually watch the show? I didn't, but I've heard it really wasn't that great. The most I heard about was Jennifer Lawrence's epic fall, but who really cares if you fall if Bradley Cooper is rushing to help you...right ladies?

So my favorite fashions for the night....

Naomi Watts in Giorgio Armani Prive was BY FAR my favorite of the evening. Doesn't she look stunning? She is seriously beyond gorgeous and her body looks amazing.

via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

I know not everyone loved Amy Adams, but I really did. The look is so elegant princess to me, and the girly-girl in me just loved it. Plus it's Oscar and he can do wrong.

via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

I loved the bright color of Kerry Washington's Miu Miu dress, it was fun and youthful, but still elegant. I am in LOVE with Scandal, Kerry's hit show on ABC. Do you all watch? If not get on that bandwagon quickly.

via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Who doesn't love Sally Field? She seems like the perfect Mama/best gal pal/amazing role model, doesn't she? I loved that she wore a true gown (And it's Valentino so she is winning right there!) and doesn't let her age stop her from looking fashionable, but still appropriate.

via Red Carpet Fashion Awards
I know a lot of folks had mixed feelings about Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen, but I thought she looked amazing! She also seems normal to me, like she hasn't let Hollywood totally screw her up. 

via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Who was your favorite from the evening??

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