Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If You Can't Afford Celine...

Ahhh Celine, who wouldn't love one of their bags? Hint Hint hubs...

While one of their gorgeous bags will have to stay in my dreams, these tees are much more easier to get my hands (and budget) on. Thanks to the sisters over at A Piece of Toast I found about these and ordered one right away. Be prepared to spend a long while on A Piece of Toast if you have never visited before as it's full of goodness.

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So go scoop up yourself a tee and rock it! I'm wearing mine (I got the grey) to work today with dark skinnies and a tuxedo blazer and love the casual/dressy feel, not to mention the tee is BEYOND soft.

Happy Wednesday! 

P.S. - New recipes coming soon, but I've made these this week, and this and these!

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