Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!

Whose excited to celebrate their Dad (yes I still call him that) and/or father figures in their life tomorrow? I sure am! We are celebrating with a family dinner at one of my Dad's favorite restaurants tomorrow night and I can't wait to celebrate all the amazing thanks that make my Dad so great. Much like my Mother's Day post, I wanted to highlight 10 things about my Dad that I love.

- He is humble.
- He is sentimental.
- He loves to send me and Mama to NYC
- He loves my husband like his own son.
- He taught me what hard work means.
- He didn't push me to go into public accounting. 
- He still treats me like his baby girl.
- He takes me on lunch dates.
- He gave me the best education possible.
- He knows that Mama is always right. :)

Love you Daddy, thank you for being the best Dad ever! I'm so honored to be your daughter!

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