Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You ALL Better Be Using Sunscreen!

SO I'm not that much of a beauty junkie, I wish I was more into it, but I've never been that great at doing my makeup or hair. However, a skin regimen and routine is something that I do get into. As I'm sure you all know using sunscreen daily is essential to preventing wrinkles and forms of skin cancer. This Elta sunscreen is my favorite one by far that I've ever used, and my amazing esthetician (If you ever need someone in Ft. Worth ask me for mine, she is SO good!) approves of it too. My favorite thing about this product is that its tinted and provides a great sheer daily coverage all while providing the SPF you need.

EltaMD UV Physical SPF 41 Tinted, Chemical-Free Sunscreen via

Also, PS - Do any of you all shop on LOVE this website, they have great prices, promotions and free shipping usually! You can even make a account and then make "Your List" where you can save products that you eventually want to buy too. This especially comes in handy when I'm reading about the latest hit OPI nail color, perfect place to "jot" it down.

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