Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kitchen Obsessed

If you have been reading this blog for awhile or lets be honest even for just a few days you all know my love and passion for cooking. While I am lucky to have a great and functioning kitchen right now, I can't help but dream about what my kitchen could possibly look like someday. Below are some of my current favorites! Would love to see your favorites too!

This first kitchen is by interior decorator genius Tommy Smythe...it gets me weak in the knees with the cabinet color, hardware and the island...all are PERFECTION. And that pop of red in the lighting, LOVE.

via Marcus Design
All I have to say is that I'm obsessed with wooden beams and they will appear in our next home SOMEWHERE. I love the mix of all the different materials in this kitchen, that can be hard to do while still achieving a gorgeous kitchen, but it works in this one!
via Satisfying Spaces
I don't even know where to start with this one. EVERYTHING is gorgeous...I would change the dining table with an island just for personal function though. But man isn't it just stunning?! And by the way I first saw this image reading one of Paloma's of La Dolce Vita Dream Home series, have loved all of them by the way. Great idea Paloma!

via La Dolce Vita

This next one is WAY more simple and clean which I find so refreshing. I would change the countertops I think, but am loving the three paneled windows above the kitchen sink. I can see some REALLY neat patterned roman shades going there.

via Marcus Design

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