Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etheral and Organic

I bet you didn't think this post was going to be about gold earrings did you? I'm just a little sneakster (Is that a word??) like that...clearly I'm not that good at making jokes either :)

Love me some organic looking gold earrings though, always have always will...my uber stylish friend Kendall always has great pairs. Here are three I have come across lately and am loving, having a hard time deciding which ones I would even pick. I think I would most likely pick the last pair, they are so unique!
By Boe Twist Arc Earrings

By Boe Quartz Earrings

Hersey Asktan Love Earrings


  1. I was awarded the honor of the Liebster Award and I’m passing it on to you! Love your blog! Check it out! http://design-that-inspires.com/2012/03/spring-where-art-thou/


  2. Thanks Blair!!! I'm beyond honored!!