Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clarisonic Brush for Less!

So I know so many women's obsession with the Clarisonic Mia brush, well if you want to save some $$$ get the Olay version. One of my sweet sister-in-laws (Hi Allison!!) told me about the Olay one and I'm loving it, thank YOU Allison! The only downside I see to the Olay brush is that it doesn't come in all the fun colors that the Clarisonic brush comes in.

Olay Face Cleansing Brush via Drugstore.com
I got mine off of Drugstore.com which is a site I love! You all should all use it, they have way better deals than local drugstores and you can almost always get free shipping. My favorite feature of the site is that you can save items you are wanting to "Your List", this especially comes in handy when I come across products in magazines that I want to try. And right now they are having 20% off almost everything!


  1. I have this one too! Much cheaper option than Clarisonic

  2. AH! Nat nat, love the shout out! YES, this product is amazing! I use it every morning and night. It makes my skin nice and smooth! The price is great too! Love ya!

  3. I've really enjoyed it too! Thanks for telling me about it Allison, glad you like it too Emmy!