Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ohhhh Celebs, They Can TOTALLY Dress!

Sooo I know I've already expressed my love for the blog, Red Carpet Fashion Awards but here I go again showcasing two celebs looks that I saw on this blog recently. I think one of the biggest reasons why I love this blog is because it helps give me inspiration for outfits in my own closet as well as my clients (I have a side business helping people clean out their closets/put outfits together/etc).

First up we have Angelina Jolie, while I'm not a huge fan of her, no one can deny how stunning this particular look is. Chic, elegant and simple...I love the monochromatic trend especially when its done in white or cream. This look just goes to show that if you have simple well made pieces in your wardrobe that you are good to go!

Angelina Jolie in Stella McCartney

Next up we have one of my all time favorites, Meryl Streep. While she doesn't always hit it out of the park fashion wise she did this time. This dress is SO flattering on her. I love that you can tell that she feels comfortable thus making her look even more confident. I'm a big believer in that if you are wearing something you don't just LOVE that you are going to feel uncomfortable or not so great about yourself. SO don't just buy things that are so so, buy things that you love. Good job Meryl, you look great!

Meryl Streep in Elie Saab

Hope these celebrities ensembles give you some inspiration within your own wardrobes. Happy Saturday loves!

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