Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scarf Obessed

I loveeee me a good scarf, just LOVE. I've always loved them, but my real obsession started when my sweet sister and brother-in-law gifted me a Theodoro and Callum scarf last Christmas. Scarfs are the perfect easy accessory to throw on to really amp up your outfit.

Here are some of my latest favorites...

I pinned this Gap snood a few days ago after seeing it on A Piece of Toast (Save this blog friends, it's great!) and hoping to check it out in person soon.

Tow-tone waffle cowlneck from Gap

I saw this Madwell snood in person this week (FW peeps, our time will come soon! The Madewell store at University Village is coming along!) and it's so comfy and cozy, but still remains chic.

Fuzzstripe Circle Scarf from Madewell

And here is a Theodora & Callum scarf, the brand that started my real the tribal feel to this one and did I mention that their scarfs are extra large which is great especially when traveling!

Black Multi Tempe Rug Blanket Scarf from Theodora & Callum

Which is your favorite?

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