Saturday, May 5, 2012

Santa Fe Love

Hiiii friends, I've been in Santa Fe most of this week and have ABSOLUTELY been loving it. We have a dear family friend getting married today and we just can't wait for the celebration. Santa Fe is a perfect destination wedding spot or vacation spot. We have relaxed a TON this week, but I wanted to highlight a few must sees in Santa Fe.

There are so many awesome hotels in the area, but if you have a larger group (Like our family!) I would rent a house. We went through Casas de Santa Fe and we have been very pleased with our house. We are just a few minutes from Canyon Road (the main street for the galleries) which has proved to be an awesome location. My favorite stop on Canyon Road is without a doubt Bittersweet Designs, they have the best necklaces, I was so excited to finally purchase one.

via Bittersweet Designs

There are so many yummy restaurants too, since we have been staying in a house we have had access to a kitchen and have been cooking a lot, but I would definitely suggest two places. One is where the "locals" go and it is authentic Santa Fe, Maria's is worth the stop! I have never been to a restaurant with more kinds of tequila than Maria's. And don't forget to get a sopaipilla! For a nicer meal Geronimo is the place to go. One of our sweet friends (Hi Becca!) put together a big group dinner for a bunch of us there and it was beyond good. The restaurant is so small and gorgeous. One more stop would be the bar at the Hotel St. Francis, we didn't make it there this trip but I've been there in the past and its gorgeous and a great setting for a after dinner drink.

via Santa Fe Travelers

Of course you should look around the historic Santa Fe square, the Georgia O'Keefe museum and there is also a great kitchen shop called The Spanish Table that has some great Santa Fe pottery and local cookbooks.

I'm already looking forward to my next trip back to Santa Fe! A big thank you to Leigh & Michael for getting marrrrrried!

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