Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Best Friend

Ahhh Mother's Day, what a special day tomorrow is! In all honesty we should celebrate the devotion and love that Mom's possess everyday, but tomorrow is an extra important day to do it. I'm hosting a Mother's Day lunch at our home with the help of my sister and sister-in-laws, we are blending all our families and Mom's together and I couldn't be more excited. We have a VERY yummy menu planned too, don't worry recipes will come next week!

In the meantime, remember to make a moment to celebrate your Mom. Mom's really are the best. I'm so honored to not only be my Mom's daughter, but to also call her a best friend. While I could talk about my Mom for days (I bawled when I left for our honeymoon because I didn't want to leave her...embarrassing I know!) I wanted to highlight ten things that I love about her here on the blog!

Yep that would be my stunning Mom, SO chic! 

Top 10 Things about Ging
 - She is an amazing cook and baker
 - She loves with her whole heart
 - She taught me to give back, she volunteers SO much at many great non-profits and organizations and has showed me how important it is to help others
 - She is a great entertainer. She has mastered the whole elegant entertaining, but in a casual setting thing and thanks to her entertaining doesn't scare me!
 - She is strong. SO very strong.
 - She has taught me just how joyous it is to be a Mama and has made me excited for when that chapter in my life comes.
 - She has taught me the importance of sitting down together as a family to eat.
 - She showed me NYC!!!
 - She surrounds herself with SO many amazing friends that have become amazing role models to me.
 - She is my rock and my absolute best friend.

Thank you Mama for everything you do...from coming over to hang pictures on our walls to planting flowers in our front yard to endless trips to Dallas to find the perfect drapery fabric to all the morning walks to the dozen phone calls a day...but most of all for just being there and being you. You are perfect and I love you!

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