Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look for Less...Celine STYLE

So who hasn't lusted over the Celine Luggage Bag, I mean I know I have! (Don't worry JDB I still LOVE my Givenchy!) So I was SO excited to stumble across this new bag from none other than the fabulous JCREW...this might go on my Spring 2012 want list. I mean it's almost identical to the Celine bag and sadly the price tag on the JCREW bag isn't that bad for an everyday bag in today's world, I know my Mama is majorly shaking her head right now. I love both colors that the JCREW Tillary bag comes in, but am definitely partial to the Warm Sienna, a bag that color would be so versatile.

Celine Luggage Tote via PurseBlog
JCREW Tillary Tote


  1. Natalie, I was looking at this bag on JCrew last night and thought the exact same thing! It looks so much like the Celine bag that Bee always models on Atlantic Pacific. I am looking for a new bag as a V-Day present... this is definitely a runner up! Also eyeing some kate spades... need your help! xoxo

  2. I second, (or third) this! I've been dying over this Tillary Tote and I love it in the blue too! Closet Chic, you know what a girl wants, I'm glad Beau has you for help ;)

  3. So glad you all agree with my pick! I of course would LOVEEEE the Celine bag first and foremost, but that is not in the cards, ha! Maybe the boys will all surprise us for Valentines?

    Allison - I want to see those Kate Spade options!

    Love the comments sisters!

  4. Celine bag is fabulous. I've been wanting one forever! Great post.