Friday, February 3, 2012

Kelly Wearstler Does China...Whattttt

I've got china on the brain today and most likely because I have so many lovely friends (and my SISTER!!) that are engaged and I love seeing what brides pick as their china patterns. I was reading a post by Habitually Chic on the Kelly Wearstler store in L.A., and her china patterns were mentioned. I obviously had to look those up and they are beautiful, but they do follow Kelly's taste in the sense that they aren't traditional and are a more modern look, but still gorgeous. My favorite is the Trousdale pattern which I have pictured second to last. The Trousdale pattern was inspired by the lacquered pieces of the Art Deco movement and the minimalism of Japanese Art. I love how festive it looks and that you could easily make it work for the holidays by adding a red, green or metallic charger.

Mulholland Pattern

Hillcrest Pattern
Trousdale Pattern

Pickfair Pattern

Do any of you all have a favorite china pattern? I would love to hear it if so! My personal one is Constance by Bernardaud

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