Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome to The Investment Boenker!

Hi everyone (or least I hope a few people!!),

My name is Natalie Boenker and I'm a  young-20s semi new-newlywed living in Ft. Worth, TX...I currently am the marketing coordinator for Village Homes, a boutique home builder in Fort Worth and have recently launched my very own business called ClosetChic. ClosetChic provides closet organization and personal shopping services. I'm very excited for my new venture and to start this blog as well. So welcome!
Mainly this blog will serve as a sounding board for the MANY shopping finds I find daily, but also I'll mix in some life stories and recipes, cooking is a new found passion of mine.

So that you can learn a little about me, here are some of my loves...
 - Apple crisp with vanilla ice cream (Guess I'm craving sweets this morning!)
 - Turquoise statement earrings
 - Magazines, I'm seriously obsessed and read entirely too many
 - NYC (LOVE this city, who couldn't love it?!)
 - Ikat
 - Polo Roses
 - IOMOI anything...if you have checked out this website you are SERIOUSLY missing out
 - Monogramming...everything
 - November & December
 - Arugula salads

And a few images I'm currently coveting...loving the large scale paintings below, what a statement they would make!

Claiborne Swanson Frank Photography via Vogue 

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  1. Finally!! The Blog every woman needs is here! Love Investment Boenker! I can already foresee my new addiction. You are so talented in so many ways! I cannot wait for all your finds, advice, and inspiration! I have you bookmarked, favorited, and followed! Check, Check, Check!

    I love, love that second painting! Definitely one of my favorite color combos! Anxiously awaiting more posts! xoxo