Sunday, November 27, 2011

Almond Butter, Yummmmm

SO I've loved peanut butter ever since I can remember, I literally ate peanut butter on saltine crackers everyday for lunch K-12. Then almond butter came on the scene and now I'm obsessed with that, particularly Barney Butter 90-calorie snack packs. They are SO good and Barney Butter has less saturated fat, more fiber and more calcium to name a few of the positives. Sadly, I haven't found it in a store close to me so I have to buy it online, which yes is somewhat of a pain because of the high shipping costs, BUT through today they have a promo code (Thanks20) that gets you 20% off your order! Enjoy!

Barney Butter Squeeze Packs

P.S. - My favorite "recipe" using the almond butter snack packs is to spread the almond butter onto a whole wheat tortilla and then put thinly sliced slices of a granny smith apple on top and roll up the tortilla, sounds strange but it is SO good.

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