Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chic Slippers

While they may not be the hottest shoe around slippers or "houseshoes" as our family has always called them are a necessity and I'm in major need of a new pair. I of course don't want any old pair though, they need to chic of course! I'm loving these two pairs the most and it doesn't hurt that they reasonably priced. Which would you go with?

The Spotted Snowfall Slipper from Madewell
Lodge Moccasins from JCREW

P.S. These would make great stocking stuffers!


  1. I just bought the Lodge Moccasins from J.Crew! I love them - so comfy and much cheaper than my Ugg slippers - that look identical! :) Love your blog! Hope you're doing wonderfully! xo.

  2. Thanks Caroline! I didn't get the either pair but really wish I had gotten the Lodge ones too, good to know that you like them. Hope your well too, xoxo